Meet the Team

Anne Williams

When not working on her latest DIY project (think furniture refurbishing!), strumming chords on her guitar or engrossed in a novel, Anne’s true passion is helping individuals affected by autism reach their fullest potential by teaching them independence and communication skills.

Strengths: Compassion, patience, open-mindedness.
Opportunities: Being more spontaneous and stepping outside of her comfort zone.

Asa Hatten

Born and raised in central Iowa, Asa developed passions for both the arts and the outdoors. He graduated from Beloit College in 2019 after studying philosophy and music. Thoughtful conversations, being outdoors, and playing music are some of the ways he enjoys connecting with others. The days he spent working and doing maintenance on an organic farm in Iowa have provided him with the necessary skillset to help maintain the facilities at Erik's Ranch Montana.

Strengths: Compassion, problem-solving, drive, perfectionism.
Opportunities: Ease up on the perfectionism, more efficient planning and organizational strategies.

Cynthia Hinojosa

Cynthia is a South Texas native who came to Minnesota in 2018 as part of an SKE program. She stumbled on Erik’s after being in town two days, when a friend sent her a random link to a job listing. Within hours she was called, within days she was interviewed, and just like that – she had the job; one perfectly suited to her compassionate, empathetic, giving and spunky personality. Cynthia loves to travel, prank people and spend most of her time out in the deaf community. A true younger sister, she was first inspired to try sign language after her brother learned, and she was not to be outdone. She now spends 20-25 hours a week serving the deaf community. With Cynthia, everyone wins.

Strengths:Passionate team player, open to new ideas.
Opportunities:Learn to plan, be more organized and be decisive.

Emilee Reynolds

Emilee grew up near Madison, Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, where she studied communications, film & media, and design. She is most passionate about filmmaking and using storytelling to support creative people, ideas, and projects. When she's not working, she can be found hanging out with friends at local breweries, cooking for her friends and family, planning her next travel adventure, and discussing tv and movies with anyone who will listen.

Strengths: Open-minded, creative, passionate, and ambitious.
Opportunities: Learning something new every day and embracing the unexpected.

James Olson

When James isn’t studying for his master’s program to become a psychotherapist or working with young adults on the spectrum – either at Erik’s or elsewhere – he is probably skiing, sailing, or running; reading or writing a novel; or watching a movie, writing a film review, or working on producing a film of his own. Born and raised in Minnesota, James is proudly Scandinavian, speaks a little Swedish, loves Scandinavian crime fiction, and rolls a mean lefse.

Strengths: Enthusiasm, curiosity, and a knack for philosophical thinking.
Opportunities: Watch out for quixotic ideas. It’s great to dream, but important to remember that it’s plans and hard work that turn dreams into realities.

Jonah Hatten

Jonah grew up in Indianola, Iowa and attended the University of Iowa where he majored in history with a religious studies minor. Jonah likes hiking, biking and skiing – which just happen to be some of Erik’s favorite activities as well. It was the opportunity to work with Erik and enjoy these shared passions that drew Jonah to the job. Some of Jonah’s favorite parts about his job include getting to know all the members and staff and wearing a variety of hats.

Strengths: Patience, taking on new assignments.
Opportunities: Improving organizational and multitasking skills.

Kathryn Nordberg

Kathryn enjoys all things beautiful and elegant: people, wildlife, land/waterscapes, art, music, dance, writing, collaboration, world travel, solutions and products that simplify and enhance the world, new experiences, joy, acts of compassion and responsibility.

Strengths: Creative solution provider, courageous, tenacious.
Opportunities: Practicing patience and learning to celebrate daily successes and the individuals making them happen.

Keri Taylor

Keri is passionate about autism awareness and mentoring others to help achieve their goals, chase their dreams and be the best person they can be. When not helping others, she loves spending time with her son, Todd, which often includes movies and watching him play lacrosse. She enjoys traveling (beach please!), giving gifts, pop culture and fashion.

Strengths: Empathy, passion for helping others, organization, attention to detail.
Opportunities: Staying focused on the big picture while working through the details, stepping outside of her comfort zone/routines.

Leah Boudreau

A native of Eagan, Minnesota, Leah earned her nursing degree from Inver Hills Community College and is currently studying healthcare leadership administration at Winona State University. In high school, she performed on the dance team at Henry Sibley High School and is now in her fourth year as a coach in the program. Leah spent the summer of 2020 in Bozeman, Montana and absolutely fell in love with the area. When the opportunity to work at Erik’s Ranch & Retreats came along it was a perfect fit. She enjoys working one-on-one with Erik and being able to develop a personal relationship with him and the other members.

Strengths: Motivated, versatility in group work settings.
Opportunities: Going with the flow, being less pessimistic.

Leah Stasieluk

Leah grew up just down the road from Erik’s Retreat right here in Edina, Minnesota. She will soon complete her Master of Public Administration in healthcare from Grand Canyon University and will also earn her clinical Doctor of Occupational Therapy from St. Catherine University in 2022. She first joined us through our live-in volunteer program, and it didn’t take long to realize that her talents were a great fit our mission. She soon began working with Erik and appreciates the family vibe of our tight-knit group of members and staff. When she’s not juggling her busy work and school schedule, Leah enjoys downhill and water skiing, drawing and painting, gardening, camping and travelling.

Strengths: Creativity, creative problem solving, organization, time management.
Opportunities: Patience, boundaries.

Peter Kelly

Peter recently returned to his hometown of St. Paul after 15 years in Chicago. During his time there he earned his BA in journalism and MA in digital communication and media arts from DePaul University. He also worked at some amazing nonprofit organizations and a few delectable dining establishments as well. Peter strives to use his passion for writing and multimedia storytelling to make a difference in the world. Away from work, you might find him running near a lake, playing basketball or snapping landscape photos on vacation.

Strengths: Enthusiasm, empathy, persistent.
Opportunities: Mixing up the routine and getting out of the comfort zone.

Shiloh Neal

Given her love of horses, it’s no wonder Shiloh is the director of our equestrian program. Born and raised in Valier, Montana, Shiloh’s family has been ranching for more than 100 years. She had her first horse by the age of four but was riding even before that. She spent her childhood rodeoing and began training horses in high school. She attended Sheridan College in Wyoming and is currently studying prelaw at Oklahoma State University. It wasn’t just the opportunity to work with horses that drew her to Erik’s – it was the chance to have a job with a purpose.

Strengths: Independent, hardworking, honesty.
Opportunities: Getting out of the comfort zone, seeing things from other people’s point of view.