Minnesota Guest Rooms

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COVID-19 response:

Just like you, all of us at Erik’s Ranch & Retreats are working hard to keep everyone comfortable and safe. You can rest assured that our rooms and houses are cleaned spotlessly after check outs, and that our crews are safely masked and gloved. We are taking every precaution to keep our staff, members and guests at ease during this uncertain time. Here is what we are doing between stays, as a commitment to our guests comfort:

1.       Sanitizing all hard surfaces including handles and floors.

2.       All bedding—including comforters cleaned prior to each visit.

3.       Will provide you with disinfectant on site so you can design your own comfort.

The smallest act of generosity can change a life. Who ever thought you could make a difference simply with your choice of where to stay – for work or for pleasure. Now you can.

Next time you’re in Minneapolis, choose Erik’s Retreat. A charming alternative to a cookie cutter hotel. We offer upscale, boutique-style guest suites run by young adults with autism. Concierges. Historians. Bakers. All part of a population on the autism spectrum that’s now one in 59 children– and for whom, as adults, meaningful jobs and careers are scarce.

You and Erik’s Retreat are part of the solution. When you stay with us, you’ll be close to downtown and the Mall of America, with access to local businesses and top notch shopping. Enjoy free breakfast, and free wifi, too. All while providing meaningful work and social opportunities for our talented staff—where else can you give while you sleep?

Strict cancellation policy. No refunds.

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