An Evening IN With Erik Nordberg and His Everyday Heroes

Each year at our annual gala, we celebrate the individual accomplishments and progress of one of our members. It’s an opportunity for them to feel the warmth of the spotlight and shine bright as the star of the show. We’re excited to announce that this year’s featured member will be none other than our organization’s namesake, Erik Nordberg. Erik’s passion for the great outdoors, horseback riding and an active lifestyle helped lay the groundwork for our mission. Our vision was to create place where Erik and others on the spectrum would have the necessary support to follow their dreams. More than ten years later, our vision has come to fruition and many of those dreams have come true. Join us as we not only celebrate Erik and his 30th birthday, but the everyday behind-the-scenes heroes who have helped him thrive throughout his life, including past life plan coaches, therapists, teachers and more.

This year’s virtual gala will be held Saturday, October 9, 2021, from 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.. Throughout the evening, guests will learn more about our mission and opportunities for staying and/or volunteering at one of our properties, get to know several of the young adults who live with us, and participate in an online auction.

Thank you for your past and continuing support. May you all stay safe and healthy in this turbulent time.