Meet the Team


Kathryn enjoys all things beautiful and elegant: people, wildlife, land/waterscapes, art, music, dance, writing, collaboration, world travel, solutions and products that simplify and enhance the world, new experiences, joy, acts of compassion and responsibility.

Strengths: Creative solution provider, courageous, tenacious.

Opportunities: Practicing patience and learning to celebrate daily successes and the individuals making them happen.


Keri is passionate about autism awareness and mentoring others to help achieve their goals, chase their dreams and be the best person they can be. When not helping others, she loves spending time with her son, Todd, which often includes movies and watching him play lacrosse. She enjoys traveling (beach please!), giving gifts, pop culture and fashion.

Strengths: Empathy, passion for helping others, organization, attention to detail.

Opportunities: Staying focused on the big picture while working through the details, stepping outside of her comfort zone/routines.