Today there are several ways to help support Erik's Ranch & Retreats:

  • Stay With Us in Montanta or Minnesota
  • Erik's Minnesota Adventures (a voluntourist opportunity)
  • Volunteer at Erik's Equestrian Center
  • Help us build Erik's Ranch in Montana
  • Help us spread the word!
  • Erik's Minnesota Adventures

    Erik's Minnesota Adventures, is an innovative program for young adults with autism. Adults with autism lead enjoyable, educational and entertaining tours based on their skills, talents and interests.

    This program allows them to use their unique talents and expertise to lead voluntourists on outings in specific areas within the arts, history, sports, environment – whatever their passion. You don't need any special skills to join one of our family friendly tours. What you'll find is an adventure that will engage your interest and ability.

    Each tour in the Twin Cities metro invites six voluntourists to participate in adventures such as accompanying a skilled equestrian to the racetrack and participating in a private session with a jockey, attending an art exhibit in a local penthouse and learning about artistic technique and color, or learning about the interesting architecture of St. Paul from an experience guide with a photographic memory. By participating in this program you:

    • Provide a unique community service
    • Learn and experience something new
    • Help an individual with autism expand his or her network of friends and social skills

    For the program to succeed, we need tour participants! If you are local to the Twin Cities, gather five or six colleagues for an innovative team-building experience. Working together and understanding diversity and each others' differences is critical to ensuring a more harmonious work environment. Participation in this program offers groups the opportunity to do just that. Or, if you want to recruit five or six friends, family, book club members to take a tour – that works great as well!

    How the program works:

    This exceptional volunteer opportunity is easy, fun and an excellent way for your group to participate in a rewarding community service endeavor! To participate in this program:

    • Select the Take a Tour button
    • Review the bios and select from a variety of fun and interesting tours
    • Enter your contact and payment information
    • Enjoy a fascinating adventure, learn a new skill, or experience something new

    No specials skills or abilities are required to participate in tours.


    Spread the Word

    Erik's Ranch & Retreats is in its early stages. Our organization has made great progress, largely because of volunteers who share our vision for young adults with autism. As we continue to build Erik's Ranch in Montana and Erik's Retreat in Minnesota, our most pressing need from volunteers is to understand what we are doing and why, and then to help spread the word.

    Once we have enough physical and financial support, there will always be a need for volunteers to keep the project fresh, new and innovative.

    For the moment, the service we need from volunteers who are serious about joining and growing with our endeavor includes:

  • Visiting www.eriksranch.org, reading our blog and signing up for our monthly e-newsletter by contacting info@eriksranch.org, then sharing it with family, friends, co-workers, special education teachers and anyone else you believe could be an asset to this innovative undertaking.
  • Liking us on Facebook. Tell your social media community to join the conversations.
  • Tweeting about Erik's Ranch & Retreats to share our story with the world. Start with this: Let's focus on what young adults with autism can do, rather than what they cannot. www.eriksranch.org
  • As Erik's Ranch & Retreats becomes more visible and our cause is championed by more people, a bright and engaging future will certainly replace the specter of a dismal institution for young adults with autism.

    Thank you for helping make a dream a reality.

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