Genealogy is her bailiwick, Irish and Celtic culture and history, in
particular, enhanced by her interest in Spanish...


Mariah, a graduate of Augsburg College, majored in political science and minored in Spanish. Genealogy is her bailiwick, Irish and Celtic culture and history, in particular, enhanced by her interest in the Spanish language. Her diversity of interest spills over into entertainment which includes biking, crafts, attending plays and concerts, and participating in political activism. Mariah lives with her fiancée Daniel, also diagnosed with Asperger's.

Mariah's Irish Tour of St. Paul:

Mariah's Irish heritage has piqued her interest in St. Paul's Irish roots and heritage. Her tour will walk you through the impetus behind the Irish migration to St. Paul in the late 1800s and the role of the Catholic church. The tour includes a stop at the St. Paul Cathedral, where Mariah shares the city's Irish legacy. Then the limo will take you to O’Gara’s Pub where you will learn basic Irish words and greetings and enjoy Irish music, songs and stories. While at the pub, we’ll treat you to a whiskey tasting and you’ll have time to order yourself a sumptuous, authentic Irish meal of fish & chips!

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Mariah's Theater Tour:

Mariah will take you back in time to explore some of the oldest theaters in Minneapolis. Come and learn about the history of theater on Hennepin avenue. Mariah will lead you on a private tour behind the scenes in conjunction with the Hennepin Theater Trust.

These tours are available on Monday afternoons throughout the year. Please contact us directly to schedule a group tour (up to six people) at 952-852-1369 or info@eriksranch.og.

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